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It is possible to compound the input from the antenna which turned to a different direction.
2 input can be used for another purpose.One example is different bandwidth with each BPF.
One BPF has wide bandwidth,another has narrow bandwidth. BPF can be changed according to condition.
I am planning to make daughter board with multiplier IC.

If 2 input are unnecessary,sensitivity rise only by adding jumper wire.

40m band is supported by default.If an osillator is changed,it can be receiving max frequency of 74VHC4066.It is 40MHz on datasheet.

any question to JA7TDO.

SOFT66 project is one of GAS project.SOFT66 is under GNU open source design.
PCB image is here.

There is error at 2nd BPF PCB.Please check here.

Soft66DB2 Price(Default center frequency is 7.056MHz)

SMA jack is NOT including.

I can make custom center frequency(SG8002DC) add $10USD each.
You can select one frequency from 0.5MHz to 30MHz.
It takes about 10 days to ready.
Please mail me freely.

Note:SG8002DC is programable oscilator.It is NOT VFO.

singel BPF $20USD including shipping fee for almost country.
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GAS is related project.



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